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Where Is Snow White's Castle Located?

King Stefan  and Cinderella's castles are easy enough to find in Disney's themed properties worldwide. But which Disney park has Snow White's castle?  It's going to surprise you that the Disneylands worldwide don't even have a physical castle modeled after the one in The Movie That Started It All. Although an Orange County board member referred to the OG palace in Disneyland Park Anaheim as "Snow White's castle" in 2021, the castle as it appears in 1938's  Snow White and the Seven Dwarve s does not have a full recreation so far.  The closest the Disney resorts and parks have to a Snow White castle are interior depictions thereof in interactive attractions and dark rides. Inside the Enchanted Storybook Castle in  Shanghai Disneyland , you can take a walkthrough attraction, Once Upon A Time Adventure, where you can step up a spiral staircase to a dramatic columned chamber where the Magic Mirror lives. It bears remembering that the towering Shangha

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