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Where Is Barbie Land?

Barbie Land as seen on Warner Brothers' 'Barbie.' Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse-Tyson pointed out that Barbie Land, the fuchsia matriarchal world on 2023's "Barbie," may well be in the Florida Keys. Now Florida is far from the progressive utopia depicted on the 2023 film, and some members of its government may be right-wing Ken-ough for toxic masculinity to prevail. But cheer up; there are still great places to be a woman in this world.  In Indonesia, four million people identify as part of the Minangkabau, a society that elevates mothers to its hierarchical apex. The so-called Minangs, who are native to West Sumatra, revere their women in a unique way.  The Minangkabau women. Photo via Rhmtdns India is home to another matriarchal society, the Khasi. So empowered are the tribeswomen that their children inherit their last names as opposed to those of their husbands. There are around one million Khasi people.  But where is "Barbie" filmed? Margot Robbi

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