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Where Is Avalonia in 'Strange World'?

A journey to the center of 'Strange World,' available to stream on Disney+ Spoilers ahead All the world is a stage. Or, in the case of Disney's "Strange World," a reptile.  There's a lot to adore about this movie, from the heartwarming story of familial love to the "Avatar"-like visuals and, in a first for Disney Animation Studios, the openly LGBTQIA lead character.   By the end of this eye-popping spectacle, viewers will have felt as small as the Clade family's parochial worries on the back of their giant adventure. In the grand tradition of movies like "Pocahontas" or "Beauty and the Beast," the colossus of a plot twist reimagines classic Disney themes of self-actualization and individuality for the streaming era. It's the 2022 equivalent of pining for life just around the riverbend or reaching for something more than this provincial life.   The concept of the World or Cosmic Turtle itself is a tale as old as time, and,

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