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What countries are Kumandra based on?

A map of Kumandra as tweeted by Joaquin Baldwin, Disney director of cinematography - layout  At some point, Disney realized that not all Asians look the same, and Southeast Asians need representation, too. So with good intentions, "Raya and the Last Dragon" was born, and 680 million people found themselves reflected on the silver screen. Where is the land of Kumandra though? It's a question Disney itself found difficulty answering; you can't reduce 11 countries with a wealth of languages and ethnicities to two hours of storytelling. So, the company gathered the Southeast Asia Story Trust, a team of anthropologists, architects, dancers, linguists and artists, to help make "Raya and the Last Dragon" look authentic and feel as close to home as possible.  Let's check out the five lands of Kumandra and find their equivalents in real life.  Fang From space, Singapore (below via ) shares geographic similarities with the fictional nation of Fang

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