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Where Is the Real Pet Sematary?

The powerful Native American burial site in Paramount's  'Pet Sematary' It was 1979. A guy went to visit Stephen King at his rental home in Orrington, Maine.   "You got a problem here with your daughter's cat," he told the novelist.  Stephen followed the guy to the road next to his house. There lay Smucky, Naomi's beloved pet, dead.  Smucky has become a statistic, joining many other dogs and cats that have fallen victim to the monster trucks barreling through this road.  Naomi was inconsolable after she heard the news. She and her dad eventually buried Smucky in the nearby pet cemetery, created by the neighborhood kids for the mounting roadkill. "God can't have my cat," she shouted that night. "That cat is my cat! Let him have his own cat."  A bright but dark idea dawned on Stephen when he heard his child's lament: What if this cemetery were to have magical properties that resurrects those buried in it? Parents don't even h

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