Friday, April 15, 2011

Welcome to Reality

Have you ever found yourself tearing up after finishing a show or book of fiction?

You realize you were crying because you were aware of your departure from the story's heartbreakingly beautiful setting, where you'd rather be lost than face the real world again. But you were crying mostly because you know, in your heart of hearts, that the setting had been born of the chimera of writers and artists. It was not real. Your time for suspending disbelief was up. 

Places of Fancy begs to differ.

While they may be unreal, fictional settings are often abstracted from actual places. Concepts of fanciful places do not arise on their own; they are not inherent in the most imaginative storytellers. Whether or not they visited the places whereupon those fictional spots are based is beside the point. The seed of an idea always germinates from awareness of tangible material. 

Hell could be based on volcanoes. El Dorado could be inspired by European locales where the conquistadores have been to. Even Sleeping Beauty's kingdom had to start from somewhere. 

Fictional places are real. They're here.

"Mouth of Hell" in Darvaza, Turkmenistan



Imagined places, fantastic locales, dream lands, fictional settings...

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