Thursday, August 25, 2011

Where Is the 'TRON' Universe?

For all its otherworldliness, the world of TRON can be found just around Disney California Adventure. Every night at the park's Hollywood Pictures Backlot, the TRON world bleeds into the real one to create this:

Credit: MrPoopie
ElecTRONica is basically an open-air Disneyland club in a TRON milieu. Here you can party to pulsating DJ-spun beats, including Daft Punk's electrifying songs for the Tron soundtrack.   

Credit: Epcot Servo
Somewhere in ElecTRONica too you can gawk at a full-size model of a Light Cycle from TRON: Legacy.

Credit: Ink Golem
There's a replica of End of Line Club where you can derezz your worries away with glow-in-the-dark drinks. 

Credit: So Disney
Nearby is a faithful copy of Flynn’s Arcade. Visitors can play 1980s arcade games here, aside from Tron games. 

Credit: andy castro
Sirens and programs straight out of TRON are everywhere at ElecTRONica. 

Credit: Disney Sisters
Pay attention to the nightly appearance of the Laserman, whose "powers" can give Kevin Flynn a run for his money. 

Credit: FrakQ
You have to hurry though as ElecTRONica is on borrowed time. After months of extension, this Disneyland club will close on Labor Day, September 5. When that happens, don't worry. You'll always have D.EDGE Club in Sao Paulo, Brazil to take you to the Grid.

All photos via D.EDGE
If you're a fan who happens to be in Sweden, book in the Ice Hotel. They have constructed a special Tron suite there.

Credit: Visnja Vidakovic
As these pictures show, you need not go inside a computer to find TRON.



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