Monday, April 7, 2014

10 Futuristic Places in Music Videos

Björk's "All is Full of Love" video

Futurism and music videos are like wheel and axle; they are made for each other. Ever since MTV signed on, musicians have made sure their artistic statements skirt the present. From Kylie Minogue to Korn, Missy Elliott to Miley Cyrus, the momentum is always forward.

Here are 10 of the most futuristic realms depicted in music vids: 

10. "I'm Gonna Getcha Good," Shania Twain

Never one to shy away from pop culture references, the country megastar graduated from channeling Robert Palmer to aping Jeff Bridges in Tron

9. "Never Be The Same Again," Melanie C feat. Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes

Through 2014 eyes, this could just be any contemporary house. There's nothing futuristic about treadmills, laser treatments, LED windows, colorless displays, and CDs. Except for the anti-gravity pool though. Anti-gravity pool is always the future.  

8. "Doesn't Really Matter," Janet Jackson

Tokyo is already quite futuristic now, so we wouldn't really be surprised if this vision of the Japanese capital will have come to pass next year.

7. "Stay," Shakespears Sister

Sure, we've all dreamed of colonizing the Moon at one point. This one just adds a lunatic to the picture, in the campiest, WTF way possible.

6. "Just A Little While," Janet Jackson

By the looks of the balcony, this could be the prequel to Britney Spears' "I'm A Slave 4 U." Surely this was the world before the carbon emissions from all those flying cars sent global warming over the edge. Or this could just be Janet returning the favor to Britney for going single-black-female on her.

5. "Play," Jennifer Lopez

What's better than flying first class? Why, flying first class on a 23rd century jet, of course.

4. "Larger Than Life," Backstreet Boys

Nick Carter et al. spared no expense for this video: A whopping $2.1 million was burnt to make this video look like snipped footage from The Phantom Menace. This is one battle of the boyband 'N Sync must admit defeat.

3. "Freeek!", George Michael

Count on George Michael to make the future as licentious as it is bi-curious. Just look at his track record.

2. "TwentyFourSeven," Artful Dodger feat. Melanie Blatt

This would have been a perfect future, if it weren't for the nagging claustrophobia of being in a geodesic dome about to be engulfed by a desertifying planet. Melanie is fooling no one in this situation; she should be singing the melancholic "Never Ever" instead.

1. "Do Something," Macy Gray

One thing the makers of this video didn't get right: In the future, larger TV screens will make sense. Then again, who needs TV when white parties are this fun? If anything, this is how utopia should look like. 



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