Thursday, May 14, 2015

10 Zombie-Apocalyptic Music Videos

A scene from the music video to Guinevere's "Ran for My Life." 

It's the apocalypse everyone wants: a world overran by zombies. Living dead, walkers, Rage victims, however you like to call them, you fantasize about outrunning them and boarding the windows. You know this is your kind of Armageddon if you're an RPG addict or just downright trigger-happy. The zombie apocalypse is the ultimate cop-out, when you don't have to work for your food anymore, when you can loot your favorite stores without consequence. Plus, it's a relatively safe doomsday scenario; you don't have to worry about radioactive canned goods as in a nuclear holocaust.

Here are some music videos that have explored these fantasies at (short) length. In no particular order:

"Mother," Blondie

Debbie Harry and the rest of Blondie were stalwarts of the unruly Gotham punk-rock scene in the 1970s, so unruly zombies in a gig aren't going to start fazing them. She probably saw more than her fair share of zombies at CBGB.

"Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse," Borgore & Sikdope

Breaking news: Zombies take over the world while women jiggle their boobies. Shannen Doherty reports.

"Ran For My Life," Guinevere

A self-described "gaming geek" and "dark pop diva with the soul of...a Star Wars fan," Guinevere pushes interactivity to the edge with this choose-your-own-adventure video of suburbia turned inside (or innards) out. (P.S. The above video is just the linear version. Click here for the interactive one.)

"Zombie Apocalypse," Kirby Krackle

This animated music video is a literal take on the 'nerd rock' band's ukulele lament about a world in the grip of reanimation. Made by the animators behind Metalocalypse, this clip features a zombie fail whale and lots of naked women in the streets, if you're into that philia.

"Scream!" Misfits

Hospitals are ground zero come the zombie end times, it's true. So welcome to the bloody party, hot nurses.

"Kick It," Peaches feat. Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop is something of the walking dead in pop age, so his stoicism in the face of zombies here is not totally out of character. Peaches seems like a badass artist unafraid of anything too, and together, they're unstoppable. We have no doubt they can storm Umbrella Corporation's HQ with gusto. This is presented to you by 'Georgia Romero,' btw.

"Coffee," Aesop Rock feat. John Darnielle

Featuring more filters than a Lana del Rey video, "The Blood Letting" is something that would fit right at home in George Romero's 1960s ouevre. But John, a 1967 Colt .45 can only hold back zombies, not vampires.

"Big Brat," Phantom Planet

Phantom Planet made the right decision devoting half of this music video to behind-the-scenes footage. Otherwise, we would never have looked up those snazzy brain jelly molds. Nevertheless, the complete short film, Le Zombi du Noir, was used as the alternate video.

"Re: Your Brains," Jonathan Coulton

In the corporate world, you're as good as a mindless drone, a walking corpse. This video totally gets it, and it helps that Coulton's song is damn catchy too. FW this now.

"Dancing With Myself," Billy Idol

In the video to an ode about masturbation, everyone's favorite blond rocker gets first dibs on a skyscraper that has seen better days—the end of days, in fact. Zombie-like characters want in on the action and get zapped for it.



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