Monday, June 22, 2015

7 Best Apocalyptic Music Videos

A crystal monster makes deep cuts in the visual for "4 Minutes."

Post-apocalyptic music videos are well and romantic to watch, but nothing beats watching the planet still in the throes of the apocalypse. You wouldn't want to experience it yourself, but it can be thrilling to feel, albeit cowardly vicariously, what life would be like as the world approaches Game Over.

"You Are the One," SAFIA / "One Last Time," Ariana Grande


We wanted this place to be Ariana Grande's 'One Last Time" solely. However, we discovered that SAFIA has gotten first dibs on the concept of lovers fighting as the beautiful sky is falling.


SAFIA minced no words against Ariana and company: “Wouldn’t be the first time uncreative talentless fucks from big labels and/or big film firms steal ideas from small independent creatives who are trying really hard to make something different for a change.” How about you? Which apocalyptic vanilla sky do you like?

"Prayer," Disturbed


This is not your San Andreas level of earthquake, but any shaker that comes with such otherworldly rays of light will no doubt have you saying your prayers.

"Till the World Ends," Britney Spears


In what seems like a prequel to "I'm a Slave 4 U," Britney Spears and her hot, sweaty posse jump into the sewers as meteors and solar flares bombard the planet on December 21, 2012. Released in 2011, the video was obviously a play on people's fears of the then-coming (and cancelled) Mayan doomsday.

"I Had This Thing," Röyksopp


Splitting up during an apocalypse brought by a deceptively beautiful UFO is the worst idea.

"4 Minutes," Madonna


With 4 minutes to save the world, Madonna and Justin Timberlake try to outrun — no, outdance — a crystalline blob that swallows everything in its path. If the music weren't so engaging, this would have been one scary video. Also, if nuclear devices were involved, this would have been the prequel to Madonna's visual for "Ghosttown."

"Dolphin's Cry," Live


Imagine a world without tsunami warnings. After watching Deep Impact, it was nice to see this playing on MTV back in the day.



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