Where Is Belle's Library in 'Beauty and the Beast'?

Technically, it is Beast's library. Or had been—until he gave it all, in one of movie history’s most romantic scenes, to Belle. This sounds like the start of a messy divorce settlement, which never happened of course, seeing as Beauty and the Beast's love story is a happy ever-after.

Don't worry that you're never going to see something as beautiful in real life. There's a replica of Beauty and the Beast's library at California Adventure, in the Disney Animation building: 

Credit: Kevin Crone

Lucky animated characters, you'd still say. It's just an attempt at something so beautiful; they did not even get the floor right. 

Perhaps you've never heard of the Library of Congress in Washington DC, the world's largest?

That's just the Great Hall
Credit: thewanderinglibrarian

Or the Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Austria's National Library?

Credit: Pascal B

There are plenty more beautiful libraries in the world.

But still, Belle has it much better. These are public libraries. She has a vast library all to herself.


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