Where Is 'FernGully'?

Photo via mymediawelt

Where is FernGully? That question has nagged generations who vicariously lived in the leafy utopia of the 1992 animated movie FernGully: The Last Rainforest. So bowled over have moviegoers been that one of them, a certain James Cameron, has been accused of cribbing extensively from the film for his 2009 blockbuster Avatar.

FernGully is explicitly stated in the movie as being located near Mount Warning, the 1,157-m plug of an extinct volcano in New South Wales, Australia. "The last rainforest" should lie in the area, which, in addition to subtropical and temperate forests, is characterized by wet sclerophyll vegetation: tall eucalypts and a thick undergrowth of ferns...yes, Fern Gully is here.

Sun-dappled 'FernGully' in Wollumbin National Park, formerly Mount Warning National Park. Via Sofia Na Australia

Animators toured Australia's rainforests to capture FernGully's enchanted world. The continent is known in particular for the Gondwana Rainforests, the most expansive collection of subtropical vegetation on earth.

Mt. Warning and its environs are protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage site called the Wollumbin National Park. Guardian fairies are therefore optional.

WOLLUMBIN SUNRISE. The sun is known to cast light first on Mt. Warning before anywhere else on the Australian mainland. Via NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service


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