Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Where Is 'Hotel Transylvania'?

Oh, Hotel Transylvania is an easy one to blog about, thanks to Bram Stoker's unabashed mention of the European locale in his seminal horror novel. To know where the hotel is, one only needs to pose the question: Where is Transylvania?

Surrounded by the mighty Carpathians, in the heart of Romania, Dracula (and Adam Sandler) fans will find this heaven. 

Peles Castle in Transylvania. Photo via leintrigue

While it has not housed the Count at any point, Hotel Castel Dracula is technically a Transylvania hotel—Hotel Transylvania without the monster mash, that is. Besides, the hotel is located in the Borgo Pass, a place that checks out with the novel.

via Cazare

If you have Johnnystein's dedication, however, there is no stopping you from backpacking into the dark woods carpeting Transylvania's valleys and seeking the real Dracula hotel. Just avoid the hairy vampires therein; Romania is notorious for the bears trolling its forests.



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