Where Is Summersisle in 'The Wicker Man'?

Photo via Shitty First Drafts

Warning: 'The Wicker Man' spoilers ahead

So how much is a 'Mr. Grant and his twin brother Ulysses'?

Not worth your life, if you ask Nicolas Cage as the fated Edward Malus in 2006's The Wicker Man remake.

Summersisle is the private island of a pagan, matriarchal community that traces its roots to Celtic England as well as Massachusetts during the Salem Trials. Persecuted by a male-dominated society, the ancestors of Summersisle's residents fled Europe and settled across mainland America before purchasing this island in Washington's Puget Sound. To this day, they have preserved their forebears' practices, which include ritual sacrifice of a live, virile man in a gigantic effigy. 

While this island does not exist—thank the Goddess—we do know that British Columbia's Gulf Islands stood in for this bee hive of murderous alpha females. Much of the shooting took place in Bowen Island, a favorite among filmmakers. Cage, in character, even rode the Bowen Queen:

One-way ticket to the doom that is Summersisle. Via Flickr

Saturna Island also helped create the beautiful but dreadfully insular world of Summersisle.

Does this ruined 'church' ring any bells? Via Flickr

Now we are not promising Summersisle does not exist somewhere, somehow. At the rate misogyny is still gripping the world, some women out there might be fighting the good fight and keeping the flame burning high for feminism.


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