Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Where Is the Prison in 'The Walking Dead'?

In season 3, the gang finds freedom in prison. Photo via Playbuzz

Rick Grimes and company have tried all kinds of sanctuary in the zombie apocalypse: farm house, church, hospital, and, yes, prison. In season 3 of The Walking Dead, the survivors set up camp in jail, the ultimate irony in a world where absolute freedom runs wild. The penitentiary proves to be a wellspring of new life: Judith is born here and seeds are sown, literally and plot-wise. The band actually manages to coast for a while amid the paradoxical comforts of prison, until germs and an equally dangerous foreign matter called The Governor decide to gain a foothold.

Called the West Georgia Correctional Facility, the penitentiary in real life was a set in Raleigh Studios in Senoia, Georgia. Emphasis on the "was," as the set has been torn down already. This guy was lucky enough to know someone from the inside for a tour:

Robert Kirkman himself will give you a tour.

"Things that are in comics should never exist in real life," Kirkman quipped after seeing the set.

West Georgia Correctional Facility's closest counterpart in this reality is the West Central Prison in Zebulon, Georgia. Both are situated close to the town of Newnan, according to one sharp-eared viewer. The same viewer also pointed out that like the correctional facility, West Central Prison is close to a town that has a law firm called Whalen; Carol is seen walking past it during her exile. 

It may have been torn down but the West Georgia Correctional Facility lives on in mockups around the world. During Halloween 2014, Fox Filipino installed this crazy cool replica of the prison for a walkthrough attraction in Quezon City, Philippines:

'Inmates' line up to a 'Walking Dead' horror house in the Philippines. 

Naked Maggie and Glenn not included in this prison tower 

Universal Studios Hollywood also served the same but more drawn-out frights in 2013.

To get the maximum jolt from these zombie-infested prisons, you will have to free your mind. It's not hard to do that though, judging from the screams in the video.

Keep in mind that Alexandria is taking over the story arc this year so expect classy suburban mockups in your next Walking Dead walkthrough. 



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