Where is '2gether: The Series' filmed?

Being in Thailand has its perks, from world-famous street dishes to affluent history and pulsating nightlife. In fact, the rest of Asia has a lot of catching up to do with one of the most tolerant nations on earth when it comes to queer people. 

Thailand not just tolerates people who identify as LGBTQ; it celebrates them. Here, the boy love (BL) genre of fictional dramas and books—an offshoot of Japan’s yaoi manga—has taken root and prospered, and its reigning sovereign is “2Gether: The Series”, adapted from the novel of the same name by JittiRain.

Thai network GMMTV filmed the series in 2019 in several campuses across metropolitan Bangkok, most notably Huachiew Chalermprakiet University (HCU) in Samut Prakan.

How to get there

If you’re in town for this all-important "2gether" filming location, Google Maps will probably direct you first to the BTS Green Line, Thailand's original elevated metro rail line. From here, take the train that goes to Udom Suk station. Head to Exit 1 and down to the bus stop. Then take Bus Number 132 and alight on the 27th stop. The university should be a six-minute walk from there. 

Here’s an insider tip: you may take advantage of the Airport Link (ARL), the express and commuter line that connects downtown Bangkok to stylish Suvarnabhumi Airport. A taxi ride from the airport to the university should just take 15 minutes or so. From Bangkok’s main Sukhumvit Road, you can take a train to the airport from Phaya Thai ARL station, which is linked by walkways to the station of the same name on the BTS Green Line. If you happen to be at Phetchaburi Road, head to the Makkasan ARL station, which is linked by walkways to the MRT Phetchaburi station. Once you arrive at the airport, get one of the official meter taxis parked in the arrival or departure areas. (Having a Thai-speaking companion would be great help.)

At the university

You know you have come to the right place when you spy the university’s trademark arches along Bang Na-Trat Frontage Road.

On the way inside, you will see the famed rotunda with the bicycle chasses hanging from the pole, as seen on the show. Yes, the car chase was shot here.

On your right side from the rotunda, you will spot the football field, a prominent romantic playground for the characters and location for many a shirtless thirst trap by Sarawat (Bright Vachirawit).

To the left of the road is the Study Building, where most university lectures are held. Tine (Metawin Opas-Iamkajorn) makes his famous slo-mo run from the foyer of this building.

His mad dash leads him to the adjacent building and one of the sweetest spots on campus—the place where Sarawat promises to knock Tine out with a kiss.

The other side of the Study Building foyer leads to another set of steps, on top of which Sarawat strummed a love song for Tine.

The banisters in the staircases around the university typically come with security grills, some of which were used to frame Tine in one of the series’ climactic scenes.

That intense scene where Sarawat and Tine got a severe beating? It was filmed after dark along this lane.

Peel your eyes for this nondescript courtyard behind the Study Building if you want to sit where Sarawat matter-of-factly tells Tine he chooses him above ... soap operas.

Many of the music club scenes were shot in the corridors on the second or higher floors of the Study Building. You might remember one of these where Tine proposes to become Sarawat’s fake faen (แฟน).

GMMTV also filmed “2gether: The Series” in such institutions as King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) and Bangkok University. Some of these film locations are far from central Bangkok, but it's likely you won't mind. Sarawat and Tine are two people you just want to be “troubled with forever."


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