Where is Cerberus Books in 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina'?

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If Riverdale has Pop’s Chock'lit Shoppe, Greendale has Cerberus Books. The bookstore-slash-diner, owned by former weatherman Dr. Cerberus (Dr. Cee to the locals) and managed by Hilda Spellman, is the de facto chill spot for Sabrina, her Fright Club crew, and most of their Baxter High mates.

In real life, Cerberus Books is 5657 176 St in Cloverdale, the centre of Surrey town in British Columbia. It occupies an abandoned building that used to house Dann’s Electronics and Bowerbird Stop Antiques.

How to get there

From Vancouver, Dr. Cee's fictitious bookstore can be reached via the Trans-Canada Hwy or BC-1 E. If you prefer to commute, that's also fine. Hop on the Expo Skytrain headed to King George Station. Then take Bus Route 345 headed to 152 St @ Fraser Hwy and from there transfer to Bus Route 320 headed to 60 Ave @ 175a St, which should be a short walk from the site. 

Just beware of incubi.

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If you're craving for a real-life eatery with plenty of books, head to the Traveler Restaurant in Union near the Massachusetts-Connecticut border. Here you can take home books off the resto's library, replenished regularly by donors in the community, with as many as 2,000 books given to diners for free every week. 

Talk about feeding your tummy and mind. 
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