Where Is Asgard in 'Thor'?

Thor, the film adaptation of the Marvel comic books, pretty much uses the same premise trodden by Stargate before. You see, ancient astronauts have been to this planet, but they did not just pose as Egyptian gods. They posed as Norse gods too. 

So don't expect, least of all, the Bifröst Bridge in the film to be as the Vikings imagined it, a wet dream of prism

In the film, it is a full-on wormhole.

As in the comics, Thor presents Asgard as the consummation of alien technology. That does not mean the filmmakers deprived it of its etherealness. 

You are not tripping:

Valhalla in the middle certainly looks the part of an alien god's palace. But aren't you seeing double?

Hallgrímskirkja, a Lutheran church in Reykjavík, Iceland. Photo via Trey


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