Where Is Gotham City in 'Batman'?

With countless comic book issues and movie adaptations of Batman, Gotham should feel like a real city by now, one which you just can't place on a map. So where is Gotham City? 

Credit: Fledgling Otaku

Why it's the Big Apple itself!

Credit: Canada Bedbugs

New York City had been called Gotham way before the first Batman comic was published. In 1807, Washington Irving likened the metropolis to a place called Gotham in England. The name has stuck ever since and several establishments in the city have christened themselves so. Spotting one such establishment in a telephone directory, comic book writer Bill Finger decided to lift the name into the Batman world. 

Credit: Frank Jacobs

All subtlety was thrown out the window for The Dark Knight poster in 2008:

Now an NYC councilor is moving to officially nickname his city Gotham.

With its art-deco buildings, Cincinnati has all the makings of Gotham City too. It is serving as a film location for Christopher Nolan's upcoming Batman sequel.

Roebling Bridge in Cincinnati has the same design as the bridges in NYC and Gotham City. Credit: Tim Clewis

Welcome to the City of Gotham


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