Where Is Forks in 'Twilight'?

Everybody has wanted to get a bite out of this place ever since Stephenie Meyer name-dropped it out of nowhere in her Twilight novels. Not since Bram Stoker mentioned Transylvania has there been so much vampire-related interest in a real place.

Meyer admitted she had never visited this place prior to writing the books. In drafting the first Twilight novel, Meyer took to the Net to search for America's rainiest place. Search engines returned a sleepy Washington town called Forks and pictures of its spectacular timberland. Magic was printed.

Forks, so named after the forks made by surrounding rivers, has never been a filming location for the Twilight movies however. Oregon faked it as Washington in the earlier movies.

For instance, the ultra-modern Cullen house used in the earlier movies can be found in Portland. M1, a private home designed by Skylab architects, served as the shooting location.

Cullen house. Photo via Design Tavern

Remember that prom scene? Sink your fangs into View Point Inn in Corbett, Oregon.

That magical forest where Edward (Robert Pattinson) took Bella (Kristen Stewart) to the treetops? Not in Forks but in Silver Falls State Park east of Salem, Oregon.

Forks High School? It was actually Kalama High School in Portland.

There were many other locations that served as Forks, WA across not just Oregon but also Canada, where Breaking Dawn was mostly filmed.

Jacob Black's house in Port Coquitlam, Canada. Photo via Twilin's Twi Thoughts

Yet a rabidly real Twilight fan knows better than skipping the real Forks.

A model of the Bella truck stands outside the tourist info center in Forks, WA. Photo via Mission To By Water

Stand-in for the Swan residence in Forks. Photo via Twilight Obsession

All in a day's work for Dr. Cullen at the Forks Community Hospital. Photo via Willamuk

A short drive from Forks is the town of LaPush, where Jacob shared Quileute stories with Bella in First Beach. Meyer, who eventually came to LaPush and Forks after writing the first book, said First Beach did not differ at all from how she pictured it.

It doesn't matter whether or not Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner personally set foot on Forks. Edward, Bella, and Jacob were here, if you’re a believer.


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