Where Is Azkaban in 'Harry Potter'?

Azkaban is the fictional prison for errant sorcerers and magicians in the Harry Potter universe. It might as well be Hell. For many years, the wardens of Azkaban were ghostly, literally energy-sucking creatures called Dementors. Going mad is almost always a certainty here. With layers upon layers of charms protecting it, there is no way out of this side of perdition, unless you enlist the aid of an adroit wizard who can sweet-talk those infernal creatures. 

If wayward witches and wizards have their comeuppance in Azkaban, Muggles had one in Alcatraz. Impregnable at first glance, Alcatraz, like Azkaban, had its fair share of escapees until its closure in 1963. It is now a popular tourist attraction. 

Bellatrix Lestrange could easily escape this


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