Where Is Genoa City in 'The Young and the Restless'?

There is a Genoa City on this earth, in Wisconsin too, but with far less decadence than the one on The Young and the Restless. One fan even had fun ascribing places depicted in the soap to those in the real Genoa City, WI:

Can we pretend these real-life ranches are by Newman Enterprises?

'Newman Ranch' in South Dakota. Via My Blue Dragon

Another 'Newman Ranch' in California. Via jerememonteau

Otherwise, the heart of Genoa City throbs in the sets of CBS Studios in Hollywood. Considering the sustained ratings dominance of The Young and the Restless over recent years, these sets might live on forever. Unfortunately, CBS does not offer Y&R set tours to the general public. 

But CBS and Sony Pictures Television have slit the dimensions to make the Abbotts a tad more real. In 2011, they licensed a real-life cosmetics company, Fusion Brands, to deliver Jabot beauty products out of the TV monitor to the dresser. No less than Tracey E. Bregman, who plays retail doyenne Lauren Fenmore, served as spokeswoman for the products.

Wonder if the equivalent of Jack Abbott trawls the offices of Fusion Brands:

Probably a conference to trump Newman Enterprises once and for all. Photo via Beauty for Thought


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