Where Is Townsville in 'The Powerpuff Girls'?

City of Townsville. Photo via Mike Collins

Don't mind the paradoxical name. Not just one but three superheroes would fight tooth and nail to defend this city from primate scientists, meat transformers, and even the Devil himself. 

With buildings drawn like that, you'd be forgiven for thinking the Powerpuff Girls live in New York City. Townsville is clearly an American metropolis. But one with a volcano: Mojo Jojo's headquarters sit on top of it. 

Is there ever such a thing, a US city with a pillar of fire?

Mojo Jojo's observatory rising ominously over Townsville. Via Mike Collins

There are, in fact, at least three US cities with volcanoes, albeit no longer active. Two of them are in Oregon: Portland and Bend. 

Portland, OR from Mount Tabor, an extinct volcano. Via And it shall be green

Pilot Butte, the extinct volcano within Bend, OR. 

Jackson, Mississippi is another one. A volcano has been slumbering beneath the city for some 65 million years, and its summit is said to lie directly under the Mississippi Coliseum. 

Jackson's coliseum bravely sitting atop a bomb. Via Marian's Hunting Stories

These cities would need more than sugar, spice and everything nice if these leviathans awake.


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