Where Is Themyscira from 'Wonder Woman' Located IRL? 7 Places to Put in Your Bucketlist Now

Concept art for Themyscira in Wonder Woman. Photo via Warner Bros.

An all-women island has long been the fantasy of lusty, if not sexist men for ages, so it is no trifling feat that "Wonder Woman" has been able to turn this trope on its head.

Themyscira is an island populated entirely by women alright, but these are not your bimbos and damsels in distress who pine to be rescued or come grovelling at the feet of the next knight on his steed. Hades, no.

So is Themyscira real? For reasons obvious to you and many others, a matriarchal paradise is, sadly, still a dream for victims of oppression in this patriarchal world.

But a girl can dream, eh? Here are places where you'll find the closest thing to Themyscira in this dimension:


Via Wallora

Patty Jenkins and crew shot many of the Themyscira scenes in the famed ruins of this little Italian commune. Founded in 540 BC, Craco grew to a sizable populace over the centuries until landslides, floods, and an earthquake forced the remaining inhabitants to completely abandon it in the 1980s. The ruins have since provided a backdrop to some Hollywood flicks, including "Quantum of Solace" and "The Passion of the Christ."


Via BjoernEisbaer

The arsenal where they keep the God-Killer was filmed in the medieval citadel Castel del Monte in the Apulia region of Italy, specifically on a hill in the commune of Andria.


Via Max Pixel

Another Italian commune, Ravello, played host to the "Wonder Woman" cast and crew. Visitors to Villa Cimbrone in the Amalfi Coast would recognise its CGI-modified balcony as where Hippolyta gives thanks to the gods and shows the wondrous ocean views to a young Diana.

Marina di Camerota and Palinuro


When it comes to Italian beaches, there's nothing like those along Tyrrhenian Sea to put you in wonderment. The beach-y scenes between the Amazons and the German soldiers took place in the towns of Marina di Camerota, near the tower of Zancale, and Palinuro.


According to the comic books, Themyscira, or Amazonia as it was originally called, was sited in modern-day Turkey, specifically at where the Thermodon River empties into the Black Sea.


The Turkish iteration of Themyscira was ravaged thereafter by Ares and Heracles and eventually relocated to Paradise Island in the middle of the Aegean Sea.

Bermuda Triangle

ATLANTIS HAS NOTHING ON NEW THEMYSCIRA. The latter-day comic book depiction of the Amazonian paradise island floats around the globe

Planes mysteriously vanishing like Steve Trevor's are right up Bermuda Triangle's alley. The arbitrary area in the Atlantic Ocean has long been a hotspot for UFO activity and aircraft disappearances for years. Even DC Comics alluded to it, reimagining Themyscira as a floating island around the Triangle, specifically near the east coast of the United States.


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