Where Is the Beach House in 'Grace and Frankie'?

What could be a more perfect place to retire than Grace and Frankie's fictional beach house in La Jolla?

The real beach home, actually situated at 31 212 Broad Beach Road in Malibu, is now the stuff of legends, thanks to Netflix.

Photo via Giannetti Home

The Broad Beach house has been used only for exterior shots while the interior scenes have been filmed on a soundstage.

Here's the now-famous living room as it appears on the show and in the original property:

Notice the lack of columns in the set (left) and the common areas of the original (right). Photos via Traditional Home and Giannetti Home 

Santa Barbara-based architect Steve Giannetti created the four-bedroom Broad Beach house on a 1,580-square-metre plot with the Pacific Ocean as backyard no less. 

As in the series, the interiors pay tribute to the sand and surf outside with blue walls and off-white wainscotting.

Photo via Giannetti Home

The set largely bears the imprint of Jane Fonda's character Grace, with the veteran actress telling Architectural Digest: "Most of the beach house is subtle and tidy, and that’s all Grace," with “a little bit of Frankie."

Lily Tomlin's topsy-turvy character holds court in the studio, decorated with paintings by Chicago artist Nancy Rosen, and the meditation room with its signature hanging chair, procured by production designer Devorah Herbert from Anthropologie.  

As executive producer and creator Marta Kauffman tells Architectural Digest, the house really is the show's "third main character."


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