Where is the Call Me by Your Name house?

You don't really come to the cinema to watch Call Me by Your Name, the sensory overload that it is. You come to vicariously live in the northern Italian province of Cremona, home to director Luca Guadagnino and a major shooting location for the award-winning movie.

You are transported to the town of Moscazzano, where you will find Villa Albergoni, also known as the summer home of the Perlmans and their hot-blooded guest Oliver.

Originally a fortress, the 17th-century villa boasts frescoed ceilings built by Raphael's pupil Aurelio Busso. A two-hectare private park surrounds the house: fertile ground for growing apricocks apricots and peaches.

It's worth noting that the movie version of the house differs from that of the novel, which sets it on a cliff overlooking the Italian Riviera and beside the home of a little girl named Vimini.

Villa Albergoni is very much a private property still. The Romanelli family, owners of the villa, do not grant access to the premises if you are not a serious home buyer. Unless you can put down an estimated €1.7 million for it, you can admire the house from a safe distance, a vision of Gideon, if you may.


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