Is Las Encinas High School in 'Elite' real?

The high-society school on Netflix's Spanish original 'Elite'

In short: No.

But the institution that gave us the "Elite" school's exterior shots is—the European University of Madrid.

A set was used for the classroom scenes, typical for shows of this scale. If you're just happy to pose in a real school in Spain with "Las Encinas" on the signage, then you're in luck. There's a school called IES Las Encinas in Seville.

A handful of schools would easily be Las Encinas HS in real life. Some of the most expensive schools in Spain include The British School of Barcelona, ​​Castelldefels and St. Peter's School, both in the eponymous Catalan capital, as well as San Patricio (Saint Patrick) and International College Spain, La Moraleja, both in Madrid. 

Series writer Carlos Montego does say that Las Encinas is somewhere in the mountains. Although there is no shortage of mountain communities in Spain, the world's most expensive boarding school is in the Swiss Alps. King Juan Carlos I, like many other monarchs around the world, even went to school here. 

It's none other than Institut Le Rosey. 

The rich and famous around the world send their children to school at Switzerland's Institut Le Rosey, established in 1880. Photo via Raz Khan

Le Rosey has campuses in the posh skiing hub of Gstaad as well as the town of Rolle on the shores of Lake Geneva. Either way, we're sure Prince Phillippe von Triesenberg would not be out of place here.


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