Where Is Westview in 'WandaVision' in Real Life?

Westview in the Garden State, as seen through 'WandaVision' (Disney+)

It doesn't take Scarlet Witch's reality-warping powers to create a real Westview, New Jersey.

While it's nothing as pictured on "WandaVision", a real-life Westview, NJ can be found within Ridgefield Park in Bergen County as an unincorporated community. In fact, an existing borough in the county, Leonia, is part of Marvel comic-book canon as one-time home to a loved-up Vision and Wanda.

In the 1980s limited series "Vision and the Scarlet Witch," the newlywed Mr. and Mrs. Vision decamped to Leonia, NJ ("just 15 minutes from the George Washington Bridge," the comics elaborated) to play house. 

As if this strange matrimony isn't enough, the android-mutant coupling someway, somehow produced twin baby boys, just like Billy and Tommy on the show. 

The comic-book writer Bill Mantlo, a New York native, must have crossed the bridge more than a few times. Leonia, he writes in "Vision and the Scarlet Witch" #1, is a "haven for New York City executives, doctors, and professional people." 

The New York Times today calls it a "suburb of artists" with "more oboists per capita."

The 18th-century home of loyalist Sam Cole (photo below via Jerrye & Roy Klotz, M.D.) is the oldest one in Leonia, New Jersey, a borough that is the basis for the Westview neighborhood in 'Wandavision' (above)

The irony is that while Westview and Leonia are real places (by name) in the Garden State, the one neighborhood the show depicted as real, Eastview, is not anywhere in the state at all. Unless you go to New York, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, and West Virginia: These states all have towns and communities called Eastview. 

None of these states were used for filming "WandaVision." Many scenes were filmed in the Golden Oak ranch of Walt Disney Studios in California as well as Pinewood Atlanta Studios in Georgia. The Halloween Westview scenes were shot at Rolling Hill Drive and Highpoint Crescent in Williamson, Georgia. 


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