Where Is Parkhurst College in ‘Blood & Water’?

A scene from the Netflix series 'Blood & Water'

Parkhurst Primary School near Johannesburg has nothing to do with Parkhurst College, the fictional institution on the hit South African Netflix show "Blood & Water." Besides, the latter is supposed to be located way, way down south, in Cape Town. 

The South African capital was home to real sisters separated at birth, Cassidy and Zephany Nurse, and, like the show, the pair had a life-changing meeting later in life at school, Zwaanswyk High.

There have been a few cases like this in South Africa. In 2015, the nation was hooked to the story of two children swapped at birth in Tambo Memorial Hospital near Johannesburg. As with the Cape Town case, the identity of the children was confirmed with DNA tests. 

Production company Gambit Films had the University of Cape Town, particularly its gorgeous Fuller Hall, pose for the streaming screen as Parkhurst College. Another Netflix hit, "Kissing Booth 2", was also shot on campus.

Parkhurst College, above, is actually a student residence, Fuller Hall of UCT in South Africa (below via Ian Barbour) 

All this talk of beautiful South African schools reminds us of one of the nation's best-educated, most heroic figures, Nelson Mandela. And he had this to say: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Something Puleng and Kiks would do well to keep in mind. 


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